Cedars at Bear Creek Development

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Project: Cedars at Bear Creek Development



Cedars at Bear Creek Development

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Cedars at Bear Creek Development

Efforts to develop a 45-acre commercial site in South Medford, Oregon began with the acquisition of two commercial properties and the long-term lease of the Bear Creek Golf Course in 2012. Within months an application was filed with the Department of the Interior to take a 2.4-acre parcel into trust in order to convert an existing structure into a Class II casino. Since then, the Tribe acquired additional properties that are adjacent to the original purchase with the intention to develop these properties as part of an entertainment and hospitality destination.

While assisting the Coquille Tribe with the federal NEPA process and fee-to-trust application, Tribal One is conducting the necessary market research and project management activities to develop businesses on the remaining non-trust properties that will enhance the casino project.

Scope highlights include:

  • Tribal One is working with their consulting partners to develop a master plan for the overall site. This master plan will become part of the entitlement process and will help guide the ultimate buildout of the development.
  • The master plan will include surveying work as well as engineering and architectural renderings of the overall project.
  • Permitting work for the individual projects will begin as soon as the financing and master planning work has been completed.


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