Ko-Kwel Wharf Development

EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Project


Project: Ko-Kwel Wharf Development



Ko-Kwel Wharf Development

EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Project

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Ko-Kwel Wharf Waterfront Property Development

Tribal One initiated a master planning process for a 50.5-acre former industrial property that sits along the Coos Bay shoreline in North Bend, Oregon. The property that once housed a large timber mill, shipbuilding facilities and a manufactured gas plant, was purchased by the Tribe in 2004. A portion of the property was used to build an RV Park for The Mill Casino, which itself was created from an abandoned plywood mill on the adjacent property. Another section of the property can serve as a shipping terminal, which has been used to export logs to ports in Asia.

Tribal One began work on a Cooperative Agreement to conduct a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and Remedial Planning under an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Assessment Grant. This grant will allow Tribal One to:

  • Finalize the environmental assessment and remediation work on the property. This information will make it possible to attain additional EPA and other development grants for further work on the property. It also improves Tribal One’s ability to plan for specific uses of the property.
  • Some funds from the EPA grant will be used to create a Reuse Vision and Strategy Report and an Action Plan to guide the final development of the overall property.


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