Coquille Tribe

For thousands of years, the Coquille Indian Tribe flourished among the bountiful forests, rivers and beaches of a 750,000-acre homeland in Southwestern Oregon. Travel and trade connected the permanent villages of the region and built a culture and traditions that were enhanced and passed on from generation to generation.

Today’s Coquille Tribe grew from a resilient and determined few who survived foreign-borne diseases and government policies of forced removal, assimilation and termination. These few carried the culture with them . . . and today’s Tribe, numbering more than 1,100 members, is dedicated to preserving that culture and integrating it into daily life.

Coquille Tribal businesses support Tribal self-sufficiency by generating financial resources to help the Tribe meet the needs of elders, provide health care that keeps its members strong and safe and create educational opportunities to help members support their families.