Corporate Culture Founded in Tribal Values

Coquille Tribal values shape the Tribal One culture, and guide our operations and investment decisions.

That means that we accept projects where we can use our expertise in construction, design and professional services to secure the economic health of the Coquille Indian Tribe and leave a positive mark upon the communities in which we live and work. However, it also means that we take a long-term view when considering opportunity. Our contracts and investments are driven by consideration of the mark we leave today and the impact we may have upon future generations. 

The Coquille Tribe’s heritage stretches back thousands of years. At Tribal One, we aim to leave behind a similarly positive and lasting legacy.

We are stewards of our environment

In line with the Coquille Indian Tribe’s core values, we consider the impact of our work upon the land, water, and air, and upon all living things. With projects that touch on water management, infrastructure, and land development, and expertise in construction and renovation, we face ample opportunity to safeguard our natural resources. To this end, Tribal One team members lead sustainability-driven design and construction work, manage cradle-to-grave renovation projects, and pursue opportunities to serve as responsible stewards for our environment. 

We care for our people

This runs deep in our tribal values. But what exactly does it mean for a corporation as large as Tribal One? It means that we factor the wellbeing of our employees, partners, and clients into all decisions. Among other things, that includes providing equitable opportunities to all team members, investing in employees’ professional growth, connecting partners with opportunities to leave their mark on notable projects, and providing clients with ample communication to ensure their vision comes to life. 

In line with the Coquille Indian Tribe, we pride ourselves on a tradition of openness, inclusiveness, and honoring the potlatch tradition of sharing with our guests and visitors. 

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