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Integrity Is Our Backbone
As 100% tribally owned entities, Tribal One companies are committed to upholding the core values of the Coquille Tribe.

In meeting that commitment, Tribal One companies uphold equitability in opportunities, experiences and services; practice stewardship of the Tribe’s resources; consider long term impacts on people, land, water, air and all living things, and practice the potlatch tradition of welcoming and sharing that has guided Tribal relationships with visitors, neighbors and trading partners for thousands of years.

Companies in our Architecture/Engineering/Construction and Communications/Technology sectors operate from bona fide offices based in Centennial (main office) and Colorado Springs, Colorado, North Charleston, South Carolina, Columbia, Maryland, and Eugene, Oregon.

Our Corporate Office and all other companies operate from our headquarters in North Bend, Oregon.

Our companies include the following.

  • Tribal One Construction (T1 Construction, LLC) – UEI: HJ7KYMSUEZE9; CAGE: 7QZJ2
  • Tribal One Architecture and Engineering, LLC – UEI: Y6H7K4Z4DL29; CAGE: 8EX99
  • Tribal One Technology, LLC – UEI: ZB7NPX2HLFY5; CAGE: 8PSS6
  • Tribal One Broadband Technologies, LLC – UEI: E653VNGVQCL5; CAGE: 5WZW8
  • Tribal One Professional Services (T1 Services, LLC) – UEI: FPMHEBJ2E9E9; CAGE: 864J6
  • Tribal One (Mithihkwuh Economic Development Corporation)- UEI: N8M1YUZCQ181; CAGE: 883M3
  • Two start-up firms – Tribal One General Contracting and Tribal One Energy soon will be serving government and commercial customers in the Tribal One tradition.
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Let’s Grow Together

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