Financial & Administrative Services

Tribal One built its financial and administrative services from a simple idea – that government, commercial and non-profit clients could benefit from the skills and expertise that our team developed to support growing and complex Tribal business operations. 

Our clients engage with an experienced team of professionals who have refined their customer-focused service standards by working with internal clients in a variety of industry sectors – including several highly regulated industries. Our team members focus on easing their clients’ concerns so they can focus on completing their projects, fulfilling their directives, building their businesses or advancing their organizations.

Our Services
Financial Services

Ever changing relationships between governments and citizens have heightened the need for transparency and accountability. Citizens want to know how public funds are being managed and spent and to see the right evidence and information supporting how and why spending decisions are made.

To ensure government and public sector clients make informed decisions for the public and the planet, Tribal One financial subject matter experts work with their clients to deliver a more sustainable, inclusive and prosperous future. 

Relying on Tribal One, executives and management rest assured that their financial house is in order and all processes and procedures are up to date and compliant with all applicable regulations. Our financial professionals provide a wealth of services including the following.

  • General accounting services for on-going organizational operations or individual projects, which include accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory control and management, cash flow analysis and management, long- and short-term debt management, payroll management, job cost reporting, internal audit and revenue audit.
  • Transactional analysis, transaction processing, data analysis and summarization, technical assistance in devising new or revised accounting policies and procedures, classifying accounting transactions, special studies to improve accounting operations and internal controls.
  • Assess and improve budget formulation and execution processes, conduct special reviews to resolve budget formulation or budget execution issues, provide technical assistance to improve budget preparation or execution processes.
  • Grants management through the entire lifecycle: program administration, pre-award management, award management, post-award management and closeout, program oversight and recipient/subrecipient oversight.
  • Assess and improve financial management systems, financial reporting and analysis, strategic financial planning, standard operating procedures review and development and financial policy formulation and development. 
  • Devise and implement performance measures, conduct special cost studies, perform economic and regulatory analysis, assist with financial quality assurance efforts and perform benchmarking.
  • Support and assist federal grants management personnel in all phases of the grants management lifecycle.
Administrative Services

In today’s economic environment, administrative support teams are shrinking, budgets are tighter than ever and the pace of business is ever increasing. Tribal One brings concrete strategies to elevate workplace performance and increase job satisfaction within our administrative services teams – helping us develop and retain high quality professionals in critical roles. 

We develop a strong partnership between our administrative services teams and our customers. Tribal One administrative services professionals become a powerful extension of the customers they serve. 

Our administrative services include the following.

  • Program Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Executive Assistance
  • Project Support
  • Schedule Management
  • Risk Management
  • Data Management Support
  • Records Management
  • Communication & Outreach
  • Administrative/Facilities Staffing
  • Logistics/Facilities Management & Security
  • Training
  • Technical Writing
  • Quality Management
  • Process Development/Improvement
  • Efficiency Analysis

Our Company
Tribal One Professional Services

Tribal One Professional Services brings a full range of professional and technical services to federal, state, local and tribal government customers and commercial clients.

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