About Tribal One

Tribal One is the Mith-ih-Kwuh Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), a federally-chartered corporation that is 100% owned by the Coquille Indian Tribe. Incorporated in 2011, the MEDC served as the business development arm of the Coquille Tribe and is committed to securing the economic health of the Tribe and to making a proactive, positive contribution to the economies of the communities in which its businesses operate.

Four limited liability companies currently carry the Tribal One name. Two companies, Tribal One Broadband and Tribal One Construction, are SBA 8(a) Certified Small Disadvantages businesses and operate from Tribal One’s corporate office and from a satellite office in Centennial, Colorado. Tribal One Development serves as a parent company for the broadband and construction ventures. Tribal One Professional Services also is SBA 8(a) certified and operates, along with the Corporate and Economic Development teams, from the corporate offices in North Bend, Oregon.


Broadband Technology/Construction

Tribal One Development manages two SBA 8(a) certified, 100% tribally owned limited liability companies that specialize in government contracting. Tribal One offers a wide range of Communications Technology and Construction services from its offices in North Bend, Oregon and Centennial, Colorado.


Tribal 1 Successfully Completes Debris Removal

Santa Barbara, CA

Tribal One teamed with Betance Enterprises Inc. and Granite Construction for the removal, hauling, and dumping of material that filled the Santa Monica Basin. The debris, which consisted of trees, mud, large boulders and a 60’ long concrete and steel bridge, had filled the basin during the early January mudslides in Santa Barbra County.


Tribal One provides construction services through self-performance capabilities and a dynamic network of skilled subcontractors who share our commitment to completing the mission with integrity and world class processes and excellent service. We partner with our clients to fully understand how construction requirements integrate with and drive the mission, ensuring the right solution for every need on time and within budget. Tribal One specializes in general contracting, design build, airfield lighting, paving, natural disaster recovery, FSRM, telecom, SCADA, Integrated Control Systems and Geo-Hazard Mitigation.

Tribal One Construction

(Oregon CCB #214631)

In February of 2018, Tribal One Construction was officially formed in response to further serve our clients’ increasing need for comprehensive construction services. Previously, these needs were managed by Tribal One Broadband through an expanded scope of work. With the division and specialization of services, Tribal One can better service our clients’ needs and continue to raise our exemplary customer service to the next level. Tribal One Construction focuses on specialty vertical and horizontal construction projects.

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Tribal One Broadband

Tribal One Broadband provides comprehensive IT, telecom and fiber optic network solutions and integrated control systems (ICS) for businesses and governments throughout the country. Tribal One’s redundant network was the first and only metropolitan Ethernet service in Coos Bay and North Bend. Utilizing state of the art solutions, Tribal One is able to provide Fiber-To-The-Premises solutions as well as traditional and enhanced TDM and DSL services.

Tribal One Professional Services

Tribal One Professional Services (TOPS) was created in 2016 to leverage the business expertise and innovations that had developed within the Coquille Tribe’s two business development entities. With more than a decade of experience, the TOPS team provides accounting, internal auditing, procedure development, internal control development, spreadsheet technology solutions, payroll, human resources and information technology services to the Tribal government and its portfolio of growing new business ventures.

Tribal One Professional Services is now positioned to provide that same level of service to governmental, business, organizational and tribal clients.

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Tribal One Economic Development

With a responsibility to grow and diversify a business portfolio for the Coquille Tribe, Tribal One Economic Development focuses on creating business opportunities that will benefit from the expertise of its team members. In its business development role, Tribal One prioritizes adding value to existing Tribal holdings and building partnerships that help to further diversify the Tribe’s business portfolio. Tribal One offers its strategic partners the ability to leverage the unique advantages of a business relationship with a tribally-owned entity. Those advantages, when matched with the added benefit of a team of dedicated, experienced professionals, give our business partners the competitive edge they need to thrive.


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