Tribal One, Millstone Weber form construction joint venture

Tribal One has joined forces with Millstone Weber (MW) to create a joint venture that will take advantage of their combined construction expertise in the highway and bridge, rail and mass transit and aviation sectors.

T1-MW Joint Venture is certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as an SBA 8(a) Mentor-Protégé joint venture between Tribal One Construction (T1 Construction, LLC) and Millstone Weber, LLC.

“Our teams have worked together in the past, and it became obvious that there was a synergy between the two firms that should be taken to the next level,” said Erik Sell, Tribal One construction executive. “The two companies bring complementary strengths and experience to this joint venture that will increase the scope and complexity of the projects that we can undertake.”

Both companies have experience in airfield and highway paving and emergency and disaster recovery. Millstone Weber also has considerable rail and mass transit experience, and both have worked on specialty construction projects that have ranged from stabilizing an earthen slide area to vertical construction of a railroad car blasting facility.

“Millstone Weber is excited to be in a partnership with such a qualified 8(a) small business as Tribal One, their experience speaks for itself,” said Brandon Bates, Millstone Weber Regional Manager. “MW looks forward to learning from their team while also providing mentorship from MW’s expertise, creating a truly beneficial partnership for all parties involved.”

Under SBA regulations, the Mentor-Protégé Agreement can last up to six years and the firms can receive valuable support from SBA business development specialists. Because Tribal One Construction is an SBA 8(a) certified and tribally owned firm, the joint venture also will be eligible for federal contracts that are set aside for 8(a) companies as well as opportunities for Indian Small Business Economic Enterprises under the Buy Indian Act.

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