Alpha Ramp Pavement Replacement

Fort Carson

Project: Alpha Ramp Pavement Replacement



Alpha Ramp Pavement Replacement

Fort Carson

Tribal One replaced the failing Alpha Ramp airfield pavement for the USACE at Fort Carson.

Scope of Work included:

  • Complete a new PCC pavement mix design according to USACE Airfield Pavement Specifications
  • Demolition of the existing Alpha Ramp
  • Demolition of the existing Alpha Ramp asphalt shoulders
  • Demo existing airfield lighting
  • Scarify and recompact existing base course
  • Slipform paving of 561,294 sf of Airfield Pavement
  • Form and place Airfield Pavement around buildings and other areas
  • Set up and operate PCC batch plant on site
  • Quality Control and testing to USACE requirements
  • Installation of new airfield lighting including new cans, trenching and conduit
  • Installation of new asphalt shoulders with all new base and sub-base courses
  • New aircraft grounding and mooring points

Project successes:

  • Tribal One redesigned the access routes and phasing to save the Government $330k on aircraft tow routes.
  • Tribal One redesigned phasing to be able to open up the ramp six months ahead of schedule and credit temp asphalt costs to the government
  • Tribal One was able to mobilize a second slip form paver to maintain an accelerated schedule


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