Byron G. Rogers Federal Building Vehicular Ramp Remodel

Project Detail
Denver, Colorado
General Services Administration (GSA), Denver Federal Center
August 2016

Tribal 1 completed this project as the managing member of MW-ORCA JV1.  This project included the upgrade and repair of the existing west vehicular ramp, security systems and loading dock at the Byron G. Rogers Federal Office Building in Denver, Colorado.

This parking garage entrance is the only vehicle entry for all parking for the Byron Rogers FOB, the Byron Rogers US Courthouse and the Alfred A. Araj US Courthouse, which needed to be kept fully operational for the duration of the project.   Because of security and operational requirements of this building, the team coordinated extensively with all building occupants during the project while maintaining the ongoing operations of 11 federal agencies within the active facility.

This project included:

  • Three new K8 rated hydraulic wedge type barricades for the entry lane, exit lane and loading dock with new bollards and traffic control devices
  • New and modified security systems and access controls including custom card readers and keypad holder bollards
  • Complete demolition and replacement of the water proofing system and concrete for the exterior drive surface and the ramp surface 100’ into the building
  • Structural concrete repairs to the underside and surface of the ramp including rebar splicing, structural concrete and epoxy repairs
  • New glycol snow melt system
  • New surface and water proofing layer drains and piping
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