EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Management

Project Detail
Economic development
Ko' Kwel Wharf, North Bend, Oregon
Tribal One/Environmental Protection Agency
September 2023

Tribal One applied for and managed the Cooperative Agreement for a $350,000 Site-Specific Brownfields Assessment Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. The grant provides for an environmental assessment and subsequent reuse strategy for the Coquille Tribe’s 50-acre Ko’ Kwel Wharf property. When completed, the project is expected to make it possible to attain additional EPA and other development grants for further work on the property as well as improve Tribal One’s ability to plan and secure financing for specific uses of the property.

During this process, the Tribal One team performed the following:

  • Wrote and submitted two grant applications on Grants.com. Conducted a postmortem analysis of the failed first application made the necessary adjustments to produce the second award-winning application.
  • Developed a budget and work plan to meet the objectives of the Cooperative Agreement with EPA.
  • Selected contractors to serve as the Qualified Environmental Professional and to conduct a Market Analysis of the property.
  • Created an approved Sampling Analysis Plan and conducted two rounds of soil sampling and analysis (an original sampling and a second sampling to follow initial results).
  • The team will produce a Reuse Vision and Strategy Report and an Action Plan to guide the final development of the property.

Performed all grant management functions, including reporting requirements, under the Cooperative Agreement and under the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200).

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