Storm / Sanitary Sewer Cross Connection Improvements, Building 56, Denver Federal Center

Building 56, Denver Federal Center

Project Detail
Denver, Colorado
General Services Administration (GSA)
March 2018

Tribal One, as the managing member of Tah Yas JV1, completed the separation and isolation of the existing interconnected sanitary sewer system and the storm sewer system. Tribal One completed a new site engineering study and design to accomplish the isolation of the sanitary sewer system which allowed the building to remain operational throughout the project and minimized tenant relocations.

Demolition of existing plumbing fixture connections to storm sewer lines and re-routing of connections to the nearest sanitary sewer.

Scope of work highlights include:

  • Design and engineering of the sanitary and storm sewer system modifications
  • Asbestos and lead abatement of insulation, paint and concrete floors
  • Site surveys, sewer pipe jetting, sewer pipe tracing and video pipe inspections
  • Concrete floor removal, trenching pipe bedding, flow fill and concrete floor replacement
  • New sub slab sewer piping, capping, modifications and new floor drains
  • New overhead and interior storm drain piping, connections, insulation and repairs
  • Pipe testing and as-built documentation
  • Concrete, carpet, VCT, paint, wall and ceiling repairs
  • New exterior utility piping, vaults and connections
  • Acid neutralization pit removals and abatement
  • Exterior asphalt and concrete repairs
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