Accounting Systems & Procedures Review

Accounting Systems & Procedures Review

Project: Accounting Systems & Procedures Review



Accounting Systems & Procedures Review

Accounting Systems & Procedures Review


United Way Accounting Systems & Procedures Review

The United Way of Southwestern Oregon contracted with Tribal One Professional Services to conduct a thorough review of the agency’s accounting systems, processes and procedures in order to ensure its financial accountability to its stakeholders. Tribal One provided its final report to the agency on time and within budget parameters.

The product delivered to the client included:

  • A full review of the accounting system and software with recommendations regarding the appropriateness of the current systems and alternatives;
  • An evaluation of the systems, process and procedures for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and reporting to identify areas of internal control weakness and potential risk and to recommend improvements in efficiency and to meet industry best practices;
  • A review of existing internal controls to identify potential risks and make recommendations for improvements, which included suggested updates to the client’s finance policy and procedures guide;
  • A high-level review of the donation tracking processes and procedures to maximize consistency, accuracy and efficiency of tracking tools.


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